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Jarrell DunsonJarrell Dunson 

Salesforce Field Reference Guide in excel or csv format?

Hello, we are tryng to do field mapping with our old ERP to Salesforce, and would like a copy of the Salesforce Field Reference Guide, in Excel or CSV format (the link only downloads in PDF).  Does anyon have a source or link for this?

Here is the link... 
Salesforce Fields Reference | Salesforce Field Reference Guide | Salesforce Developers
Alain CabonAlain Cabon

I often export this data with java but there is a simple option with the great New Zealand tool:


Toolkit for Salesforce: Welcome to the Toolkit for Salesforce! The tools and applications below provide assistance for common consulting processes and tasks - from diagnosing your org, comparing environments to activating and deactivating Salesforce components.

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