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Cody Bustamante 9Cody Bustamante 9 

Flow not working? (Not populating field upon lead conversion)

I have a visual flow that is supposed to update some fields upon lead conversion but it isn't doing it. Everything looks correct to me, I feel like something is broken? Can anyone help me troubleshoot?
@Cody, could you provide more details of the flow & what object record should it update when a lead is converted? Is the flow an autolaunched flow?
Cody Bustamante 9Cody Bustamante 9
User-added image

Long story short, I need to update a bunch of fields based on fields last activity and last activity campaign if the lead is converted. 

The flow is aking:
  • Is last activity available?
    • No
      • Use prospect source/ campaign
    • Yes
      • Move to decision check if lead is converted
  • Is lead being converted?
    • Yes
      • Move to decision check for blanks
  • Are any of these fields blank?
    • MQL last activity
    • MQL last activity campaign
    • SAL last activity
    • SAL last activity campaign
    • SQL last activity
    • SQL last activity campaign
      • Yes all blank
        • Populate all those fields with last activity/ last activity campaign

The actual flow I have is much more complicated, this is just a partial to test why it wasn't working. 
I am creating test leads and converting them but it's not populating those fields. 
I have a process builder that is firing once the lead is converted
Cody Bustamante 9Cody Bustamante 9
Can anyone please help me on this?