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Chip MorrisChip Morris 

Switch to salesforce classic

I'm working on Navigate and Personalize Salesforce and trying to complete the second activity. I've launched Trailhead Playground 1 and I'm supposed to do the following: Customize your account detail page layout. Make the Open Activities related list the first one you see on accountrecord detail pages. Then create an account called Goat Wranglers R Us and check the account page to make sure Open Activities appears first.

I did make Activities the first one you see and I did create an account called Goat . . . but when I click Check Challenge I get the following message: Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong: 
The "Open Activities" related list does not appear to the first one on the Account record details page. Make sure that you are not using Record Types with Accounts as this prevents us from checking the layouts.

Then I see that I skipped pass this Reminder: Remember, this module is meant for Salesforce Classic. When you launch your hands-on org, switch to Salesforce Classic to complete this challenge.

I don't know how to switch to Salesforce Classic, If someone can help me with this, I would appreciate it.


John GerhardJohn Gerhard

Click your avatar in the top right of the page, this should give you a drop down with the option to switch to SalesForce Classic.

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Chip MorrisChip Morris

That's it. 

Thank you.