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Radha Rathinavel PandianRadha Rathinavel Pandian 

after delete to uncheck the checkbox

Hi ,
I have to uncheck the checkbox on child object when my parent object record gets deleted.

Parent object : raddes have a some records
Child Object : radparent

I have a check box on radparent. now, my requirement is when i deleted a parent record in raddes the checkbox on child object "radparent" should uncheck which mean we need to check the size of the object and update the child update checkbox.
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Hi Radha,

You can achieve this by using trigger.
In my case I am taking -------------------   Parent = Account and Child = AccEmployee__c (Relationship Lookup). You need to change Object Names and fields in the below code.
trigger updateChildsOnParentDelete on Account (before delete) {
    set<Id> accountIds = New set<Id>();
	List<AccEmployee__c> accEmployeesToUpdate = New List<AccEmployee__c>();
	for(Account acc : Trigger.old) {
		//Write your Logic here
	for(AccEmployee__c accEmployeeRecord:[Select id, Account__c, Active__c from AccEmployee__c Where Account__c IN :accountIds]){
		accEmployeeRecord.Active__c = False;
	update accEmployeesToUpdate;

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