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Cameron SeitzCameron Seitz 

Salesforce Community User/Guest User Username Lookup

Has anyone built a feature to retrieve a user's username? There is a Forgot my Password but you have to provide your username and since you can't duplicate this between orgs I'd like to build this self service functionality. 

I was thinking of a lightning page where you enter your email, then the page checks for active users with that email and if none, shows an error. If found, it could trigger a templated email to their email with their username. Anyone done something similar? 
Hi Cameron,

We can do this for a specific org. So if you are planning to provide a site page to end user from where they can supply their email id and in response they can receive their associated usernames for a specific org they this is possible. Let me know if this is my correct understanding or you are looking for org independent search as it is not posible.