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Pradeep Kumar 599Pradeep Kumar 599 

Salesforce Single Sign on using PHP

on PHP site,there is a button called 'Go To Community',if i click on that button,it must be redirected to that related user's community landing page without asking credintials.how can i achieve this functionality?
NagendraNagendra (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Pradeep,

May I suggest you please check with below discussion from the stack overflow community with a similar discussion which might help you further. Please let us know if this helps.

Kindly mark this as solved if the information was helpful.

Pradeep Kumar 599Pradeep Kumar 599
Thanks Nagendra for your reply,i understood,but it is going to PHP site only.this implementation is for PHP.how can i go to Salesforce community's landing page?how can i connect with salesforce community?