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Pothi AbisheikPothi Abisheik 

I want to control the width of the dependent Picklist field inside a repeat tag

I am using a repeat tag which consists of input fileds on click of a button the input field repeats dyanamically i have used wrapper class so that I can insert multiple records to the object but I have a dependent picklist field but I could not control the size of the field as the width varies dyanamically according to the text valu inside the picklist field I cannot set the width as the field's ID is dyanamic as the button is clicked will be helpful if someone could solve this issue
Hi Pothi,

Wrap your dynamic picklist inside a div and provide the Id to that div or wrap your complete dynamic code inside the div. FYI
<div id="myDynamic div" >
        <!-- your code goes here -->
          #myDynamic  select{
                  width: 200px !important; /* Set your width */
Hope this will help you.

Pothi AbisheikPothi Abisheik
Hi Sksanjay but still the size of my dependent picklist field is in default size it varries according to the value inside it pls suggest some other solution.
Hi Abhishek, I suggest you to put your complete code.