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Brian ZardusBrian Zardus 

Custom Detail Page Button in Lightning renders Visualforce page so that Chrome, or Firefox, extensions cannot properly read

I have several Visualforce pages, and depending on whether they are rendered in Lightning, or Classic, effects whether I can any use any of Chrome's (or Firefox's) screen-capture extensions. 
For instance, if I navigate to my vfPage using the following Classic URL:  https://res-group--c.na46.visual.force.com/apex/vfPageName 
It renders the page, so that my screen-capture extensions can scroll the entire vfpage correctly.
On the other hand, if I navigate to my vfPage using the Lightning URL:
It renders the page so that my extensions are unable to scroll down in order to capture the entire view. 
​No matter which link is clicked, the vfPage is rendered using the appropriate Lightning stylesheets, so they both look the same.  I realize I could use a custom Detail Page Link URL to open my Visualforce page, but I'd prefer to use a custom Page Button instead. (And Custom Page Buttons always open the vfPage using the Lightning framework).
Any ideas for how use solve this would be appreciated.
Hi Brain,

Try to add lightningStylesheets="true" in your Visual Force pages . It can automatically turn into lightning UI when ever user login in Lightning and it works classic view when user changes into classic 
Ex:  <apex:page lightningStylesheets="true">

check these https://developer.salesforce.com/docs/atlas.en-us.pages.meta/pages/vf_dev_best_practices_slds_lightningstylesheets.htm
let us know if it helps you and mark it best if it helps you

Bhanu Prakash
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