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Neha Kumari 86Neha Kumari 86 

write a query to get parent with max no of child records?

write a query to get parent with max no of child records?
NagendraNagendra (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Neha,

You can achieve in this simple way:-

Create a Rollup Summary field on parent Object

Write a query like:
[SELECT id, desired_field__c FROM Parent_Object__c ORDER BY Rollup_Summary_Field__c DESC LIMIT 10];
It will return top 10 parent records having child records count in Descending Order.

Note: This will work if objects have a master-detail relationship.

Hope this resolves the issue.

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Deepak Kumar SharmaDeepak Kumar Sharma
Hi Neha,
If you only want to get the number of child records corresponding to parent record then you can also try the below one :-

List<String> LiStr = new List<String>();
for(Account acc: [select Id,name from Account]){
List<AggregateResult> Result = [select Count(Name)cnt, AccountID from contact where Accountid In: LiStr group by Accountid];
For(AggregateResult rs : Result){
    system.debug('Account ID--->'+rs.get('AccountID'));    
    system.debug('number of Contacts--->'+rs.get('cnt'));    

Happy Coding!!! :)