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Hi All,

I am new to salesforce. Got an requirement to create a Visual force page in lightning for list-view of Custom object and also, i should be able to perform in-line editing on their list views.

Any help is highly appreciated.
Deepak Kumar SharmaDeepak Kumar Sharma
you can also create a component and try the below syntax for creating listview in lightning :-
<lightning:listView aura:id="listViewAccounts"
                              rows="5" showActionBar="false" 
                              showRowLevelActions="false" />
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SandhyaSandhya (Salesforce Developers) 

I would suggest you refer below blog for the same.

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Best Regards
Thanks for the reply guys.

I have used component and APEX class to create the VF page. It is working to a level, but inline - editing and lightning look is not displaying in salesforce page. I stuck up with below code and not able to proceed further.

VF Page:

<apex:page lightningStylesheets="true">
              <c:Test_EnhancedListcomponent listViewName="CUSTOM LIST VIEW NAME"/>   


<apex:component controller="RequestListViewController">  
  <apex:attribute name="listViewName" type="String" required="true" 
    description="The name of the listview." assignTo="{!listName}"/>   
  <apex:enhancedList height="400" rowsPerPage="25" id="RequestList"
    listId="{!listId}" rendered="{!listId != null}" />
  <apex:outputText rendered="{!listId == null}" value="Could not find requewed ListView: '{!listName}'. Please contact your administrator."/>

APEX Class:

public with sharing class RequestListViewController {

  public String listName {
    set {
        listName = value;
        String qry = 'SELECT Name FROM Request__C LIMIT 1';
        ApexPages.StandardSetController ssc = 
            new ApexPages.StandardSetController(Database.getQueryLocator(qry));
        List<SelectOption> allViews = ssc.getListViewOptions();
        for (SelectOption so : allViews) {
          if (so.getLabel() == listName) {
            // for some reason, won't work with 18 digit ID
            listId = so.getValue().substring(0,15);
  public String listId {get;set;}