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Enhanced email | Task object & Email Message | Relationship


I am activating "Enhanced email" option on my org.
There is a line on the link:

Review custom business logic that incorporates tasks and emails. We recommend that you:
-> Recreate any custom Task object fields on the EmailMessage object.
-> Migrate any Task object triggers to the EmailMessage object.

I want to know, of someone has activated the enhanced email option in org and faced any challenges later

Thank you
One thing to check is whether you have trigger logic on EmailMessage that can handle a null value on ParentId. Since it is no longer just going to be related to cases, you may end up creating records without a parent and this should be handled to prevent issues down the road.
Marilyne PMarilyne P
I have checked the EmaiMessage object, there is no trigger or validation rule on it.
Is it sufficient enough to analyse impact of activating enhanced email ?