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Jarrell DunsonJarrell Dunson 

Help with module...Extend Your Reporting Strategy with the AppExchange

I cannot get this module to work...

I've tried multiple times follow the instructions fo this trailhead: 
The instruction link, Salesforce Adoption Dashboards, takes me here: https://appexchange.salesforce.com/listingDetail?listingId=a0N30000004gHhLEAU
*** Every time I've tried this... it takes me to my a) Production enviroment ... https://na40.lightning.force.com/.... 
OR my Sandbox environment: https://test.salesforce.com/... 

**** But I cannot install on my trailhead environment....https://brave-raccoon/....so, I can't complete the rest of the steps.  I'm not the only one having this issue
I've also tried going through developer.salesforce.com login... to no avail...

*** Can someone please help??? ... **** Can someone at Salesforce please fix this???
There are three of us on our staff that can't get past it....

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Jarrell DunsonJarrell Dunson
I figure this out myself... 
I had to "Enter an Alternate Domain" and use the full name of my trailhead domain: 
  Not this: https://brave-raccoon-111111.com
  But this: https://brave-raccoon-111111-dev-ed.lightning.force.com

(where 111111 would be the number of your trailhead URL)