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Shade ColeShade Cole 

Workflow Woes

Attempting to build a workflow that will fire off an email alert to the record owner's manager, if the record has not been opened within 48 hours. However the email template is only recognizing the fields on the object that are of the email data type; So now my object is currently capturing the correct data on my custom "Owner manager email field" *Formula(text)*  and  now I need the secondary custom  hidden field "ADM - Owner Manager Email (Email)" to capture that email value from the primary owner manager field, in order for me to build a successful workflow that will notify both the owner and manager after 48 hours.

Has anyone been able to figure this out? Unfortunately, I did not build this particular process and its linked to several components; an approval proccess, workflow, email templates, field updates and email alerts as well as process builder. Before I start to rebuilding the entire complicated process I need to patch this until I can deploy the new one. PLEASE HELP :'(
Kailas NambiKailas Nambi

You need to create single workflow for field update(Owner's Manager Email field value) and email alert after 48 hours for your process.

If the record have not edited for 48 hours then the shcduled email will be send (i.e, Created Date & LastModified Date are same).

If the record have edited within 48 hours then the scheduled email will not be send (i.e, Created Date & LastModified Date are not same).

Please refer the below image for reference.

User-added image

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