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Meng Liu 9Meng Liu 9 

why I can not the change the user licenses of the user,and some user licenses can not be found.What is wrong?

I set some new users,and their user licences is salesforce ,I also assign them some roles.I make the users inactive.Now I want to change their user licences to others,but I can ont change,they remain to be the salesforce user licences.And I can not find some other licenses,for  example,the Identity.What is wrong? Thanks!
Raj VakatiRaj Vakati
Just uncheck the "Active" checkbox on the old user (that will release the license for reassignment) and create a new use 

Go to setup -->  Company Information --> Check license
Meng Liu 9Meng Liu 9
Ok,Thank you And I have another question,Can you help me ? I want to set up a process builder of a send rejected letter ,the type is task.when the status is changed to another ,the open activities will have a automated task reminder.But I can not do that.It can be used before,but now it can not use.What is wrong ? If it associated with the roles?