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Vandana Rattan 4Vandana Rattan 4 

Salesforce lightning component form - Save and Resume

I am planning to build a Lightning Component form and expose it using force.com sites. The respondents should be able to save progress and resume later. can anybody give pointers how this can be achieved?

Hi Vandana,

Below are the points to be considered:
1. Make a record for every form in the object. 
2. There should be a unique identifier field like email address, phone number. This field is requried. 
3. Create a widget / vf page to identify if user is new or returning user. 
4. Search the user with the unique identifier in Database, if user is new create record with "unique identifier" or load existing records and details. 
5. Provide an option to update / insert vf page. 
6. Expose only those fields which are required. 
7. If there are multiple pages in form use "page.redirect(false)" to continue using the same class for every page. 
8.. Once all the forms are filled verify it is filled using Database.saveResult[] update command, else show the error on page to rectify before user logged out. 

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