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Daniel BlevinsDaniel Blevins 

Where are COMMENTS to FeedItems located?

When someone COMMENTS on a POST in a CASE where do I find this Comment? I am trying to create some kind of workflow or process that updates another field when a post is made and that I have accomplished, but I need it to happen when these COMMENTS are left on posts as well but I cannot find where they are located and how to fire off of them. I have been looking for it via SOQL and cannot find the home of these things, I can find the post as FeedItem easily but I cannot find the Comments under it and how I relate them back to their Parent and the Case itself.

As the attached picture shows I have looked in the FeedItem,  UserFeed, CaseComment, Case objects and cannot find this item in any of them. 

User-added image
Have you tried FeedComment?

Check this doc page 1117
Daniel BlevinsDaniel Blevins
@ M B 30 yes I have tried FeedComment and it does not live there either
Sunil MadanaSunil Madana
Hi Daniel,
Did you check CaseFeed object to see if you can find it.
Below description on CaseFeed states that.
Represents a single feed item in the feed displayed on the detail page for a case record. A case feed shows recent changes to a case record for any fields that are tracked in feeds, and comments and posts about the record. It is a useful way to stay up-to-date with changes to cases.

Hope above solution helps.
Daniel BlevinsDaniel Blevins
@Sunil Yes I have checked there as well, and it does not have it. I used the following query to see if it is on there in the Case Feed for the CaseID itself, it is not, then I tried using the ParentId as the Comment that I am looking for the sub comment to and it pulled back no results witht the following SOQL
SELECT Id, Body FROM CaseFeed WHERE ParentId = '0D54A00005UGQTcSAP'  <= This Id is the ORIGINAL comment Id on the case, but if it is used as PARENTID it finds nothing, when the CASEID is used as parent ID it finds all ORIGINAL comments but none of the REPLY comments on the case. Still no luck finding these things.
adam sam 10adam sam 10
SELECT CommentBody,CommentType ,CreatedById,CreatedDate,FeedItemId FROM FeedComment WHERE FeedItemId = '0D55B00000balodSAA' 

You can put the id of the post i.e feed Item at the end.