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problem in force.com ide

i downloaded a zip file from a blog which contains .cls and .page files . And i instal force.com ide eclipse tool . i don't know how to view those files in the eclipse and deploye to the organization. anybody have any idea help me
Sunil MadanaSunil Madana
Step-1: Unzip the files to a folder.
Step-2: Navigate to your workspace folder, will look like:
Windows: C:/Documents/workspace
MAC: /Users/Documents/workspace
You can also find it when you open eclipse.
Step-3: Copy your unzipped folder to the workspace folder mentioned in step-2.
Step-4: In eclipse, you should be able to see the .cls and .page files. You can't change the folder to Force.com project as you downloaded it from blog
Step-5: From the eclipse project folder, right-click on the .cls / .page files and deploy to server of your choice.

Hope the above steps help you. Let me know if it helps.