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Migrate Salesforce data to Amazon RDS

Hi Everyone,

I want to migrate all Salesforce data to Amazon RDS, does anyone know how I can achieve this? I know in recent release Salesforce talked about the connectors: https://releasenotes.docs.salesforce.com/en-us/spring18/release-notes/rn_bi_integrate_connectors2.htm
However, anyone knows what the steps to do this are? I have no idea about Amazon RDS, where can I get these connectors? If anyone can help me like how to start at least, it will be very helpful. Thanks in advance. 

Closing the loop on this, since this was posted a while ago.
The connectors mentioned above enable data intake to salesforce Einstein Analytics.
AFAIK, getting data from salesforce to Amazon RDS is still a batch operation using integration tools (mulesoft, boomi, informatica, etc...)
For "realtime", you can stream data changes out of salesforce using salesforce Change Data Capture, and you need a subscriber on the RDS side to capture the JSON stream.