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Anil Kumar TilantheAnil Kumar Tilanthe 

Download, save a zip file - with multiple content

Goal : Need to download multiple content files as a Zip and name the Zip.
Issue : Unable to change the name of the Zip
1. I am able to download multiple content files as a Zip either by using
window.open('/sfc/servlet.shepherd/version/download/' + contentVersionIds.join('/') + '?');
where the Zip folder always has a name "downloaded-content". So I need to change this name to "xyz.zip".

2. Or with JSZip, I am able to create a Zip using JSZip library on client side with the base64 data of different files. However,
When I use JSZip and do saveAs (fileSaver library), I get below error 
Refused to frame '' because it violates the following Content Security Policy directive: "frame-src https: mailto: *.cs80.visual.force.com".
Could someone please tell me if they know how to Download multiple Content files and rename the Zip folder OR how to fix this error?