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Paul LambertPaul Lambert 

Missing custom fields on the Account and Case objects in the Workflow Rule Migration module

I am currently trying to complete the Workflow Rule Migration module, but I seem to be missing from custom fields on the Account object (Top Account) and Case object (Target Resolution Date). I tried to do a search in Trailhead to find another module or unit that creates these custom fields but couldn't find anything. Any thoughts?
SandhyaSandhya (Salesforce Developers) 
In the first unit of the module it assumes that there is a existing Case workflow rules defined and also chart has given with Rule name and criteria.
So you need to create that workflow first in your org and then you can do the steps in the second unit.

I would suggest  you go through the content just for reference and then work on the challenge.

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Paul LambertPaul Lambert
Unfortunately, this wasn't helpful. I reviewed the previous units before I posted this note. Unit 1 

Unit 1 is unclear on whether the older workflows need to be created first, but in any case they reference the field "Top Account" on the Account object, which does not exist. That is the whole issue. Therefore, my assumption is that there is a separate module that create this and the other missing field. However, the Workflow Rule Migration module does not make any such reference.