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Shawn CoxShawn Cox 

Make a field mandatory if another field is not blank

I have an active process that populates a date field on a lead based on a specific task type being completed, otherwise the field is blank. This date field is a read only field to the users. My goal is to have a validation rule to check that if this date field (last_call_date_c) is NOT blank (in other words, has any date); then a comments field (last_call_comments_c) is then mandatory. Most of what i'm seeing in my search for possible solutions involves picklists which this is not so i'm struggling to locate a similar sytax.

Thanks in advance.
Assuming that both fields are on Lead. You can write below validation rule.


Not sure how your process is setup, but this validation rule will fire even if you try to update the last call date through process builder.
Shawn CoxShawn Cox
Thanks Mandy. I will try this.

This process is setup such that when the task is created and the WhoID is a lead, the task is closed, and the task type is "call" (all conditions need to be met) then the last_call_date__c field in the lead record is stamped with today's date. I'm hoping that when the the user adds the call task, the system will direct them to populate the last_call_comments__c field.