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DataTable in Lightning component

Hi Team,

I implemented a DataTable in lightning component with lightning:datatable tag.I need to check only one check box at a time and when i checked that check box i need to get that record id into URL.i have one image above the my datatable. When click on that image it should navigate to another compoent with the checked RecordId.
                                     Please help me on this... Thanks in advance

Refence Code:

My Refence code is 


<aura:component controller="DataTableWithPagenation">
    <aura:handler name="init" value="{!this}" action="{!c.doInit}" />
    <aura:attribute name="Accounts" type="Account[]"/>
    <aura:attribute name="page" type="integer" description="using for store page Number"/>
    <aura:attribute name="pages" type="integer" description="using for store All Pages page Number"/>
    <aura:attribute name="total" type="integer" description="total records count store "/>
    <aura:attribute name="mycolumns" type="List"/>
    <div class="slds-m-around_small">
        <div class="slds-page-header" role="banner">
            <p class="slds-page-header__title slds-truncate">{!v.total} Accounts • page {!v.page} / {!v.pages}</p>
            <ui:inputSelect aura:id="recordSize" label="Display Record Per Page: " change="{!c.onSelectChange}">
                <ui:inputSelectOption text="10" label="10" value="true"/>
                <ui:inputSelectOption text="15" label="15"/>
                <ui:inputSelectOption text="20" label="20"/>
         <p class="slds-p-horizontal_small slds-box">
            <lightning:datatable data="{!v.Accounts}" columns="{! v.mycolumns }" keyField="id"  />
        <div class="slds-align_absolute-center">            
                <lightning:button disabled="{!v.page == 1}" variant="brand" label="Previous Page" onclick="{! c.navigate }" />            
                <lightning:button disabled="{!v.page == v.pages}" aura:id="previousPage" variant="brand" label="Next Page" onclick="{! c.navigate }" />
       <!-- <table class="slds-table slds-table_bordered slds-table_cell-buffer">
                <tr class="slds-text-title_caps">
                    <th scope="col">
                        <div class="slds-truncate" title="Name">Account Name</div>
                <aura:iteration items="{!v.Accounts}" var="account"> 
                        <th scope="row" data-label="Opportunity Name">
                            <div class="slds-truncate" title="{!account.Name}">{!account.Name}</div>

   doInit: function(component, event, helper) {
      // this function call on the component load first time     
      // get the page Number if it's not define, take 1 as default
      var page = component.get("v.page") || 1;
      // get the select option (drop-down) values.   
      var recordToDisply = component.find("recordSize").get("v.value");
       component.set('v.mycolumns', [
                   {label: 'Account Name', fieldName: 'Name', type: 'Name',sortable:'true'},                   
                {label: 'Phone', fieldName: 'Phone', type: 'Phone',sortable:'true'},
                {label: 'Email ID', fieldName: 'Email_ID__c', type: 'Email',sortable:'true'}
      // call the helper function   
      helper.getAccounts(component, page, recordToDisply);
   navigate: function(component, event, helper) {
      // this function call on click on the previous page button  
      var page = component.get("v.page") || 1;
      // get the previous button label  
      var direction = event.getSource().get("v.label");
      // get the select option (drop-down) values.  
      var recordToDisply = component.find("recordSize").get("v.value");
      // set the current page,(using ternary operator.)  
      page = direction === "Previous Page" ? (page - 1) : (page + 1);
      // call the helper function
      helper.getAccounts(component, page, recordToDisply);
   onSelectChange: function(component, event, helper) {
      // this function call on the select opetion change,     
      var page = 1
      var recordToDisply = component.find("recordSize").get("v.value");
      helper.getAccounts(component, page, recordToDisply);

   getAccounts: function(component, page, recordToDisply) {
      // create a server side action. 
      var action = component.get("c.fetchAccount");
      // set the parameters to method 
         "pageNumber": page,
         "recordToDisply": recordToDisply
      // set a call back   
      action.setCallback(this, function(a) {
         // store the response return value (wrapper class insatance)  
         var result = a.getReturnValue();
         console.log('result ---->' + JSON.stringify(result));
         // set the component attributes value with wrapper class properties.   
         component.set("v.Accounts", result.accounts);
         component.set("v.page", result.page);
         component.set("v.total", result.total);
         component.set("v.pages", Math.ceil(result.total / recordToDisply));
      // enqueue the action 
Apex controller:

public   with sharing class DataTableWithPagenation {

 public static AccountPagerWrapper fetchAccount(Decimal pageNumber ,Integer recordToDisply) {
      Integer pageSize = recordToDisply;
      Integer offset = ((Integer)pageNumber - 1) * pageSize;
    // create a instance of wrapper class.
    AccountPagerWrapper obj =  new AccountPagerWrapper();
    // set the pageSize,Page(Number), total records and accounts List(using OFFSET)   
        obj.pageSize = pageSize;
        obj.page = (Integer) pageNumber;
        obj.total = [SELECT count() FROM account];
        obj.accounts = [SELECT Id, Name,Phone,Email_ID__c FROM Account ORDER BY Name LIMIT :recordToDisply OFFSET :offset];
    // return the wrapper class instance .
        return obj;
 // create a wrapper class with @AuraEnabled Properties    
 public class AccountPagerWrapper {
    @AuraEnabled public Integer pageSize {get;set;}
    @AuraEnabled public Integer page {get;set;}
    @AuraEnabled public Integer total {get;set;}
    @AuraEnabled public List<Account> accounts {get;set;}
=====================================================================================User-added image

Thanks & Regards

<aura:attribute name="recdId" type="Id" /> 
<lightning:datatable data="{!v.Accounts}" columns="{! v.mycolumns }" maxRowSelection="1" keyField="id"  onrowselection="{!c.getSelectedName }" />

getSelectedName: function (cmp, event,helper) {
        var selectedRows = event.getParam('selectedRows'); 
        for (var i = 0; i < selectedRows.length; i++){
            cmp.set('v.recdId', selectedRows[i].Id);           

venkat bojjavenkat bojja
Hi GhanshyamChoudhari,

Thanks for your quick responce it is working fine but having one problem. That is when i click on next page the check boxes going to be disabled, not able to check another one.Please kindly take a look into it.Actually i am very new to Lightning and it is very priority take to me.
                                          Thanks in advance 

Please find the reference Image:
User-added image

victor kevin cruz gil 7victor kevin cruz gil 7
yo are selecting only one row maxRowSelection="1" to maxRowSelection="2"