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Stuart FlemingStuart Fleming 

Trailhead Discover Lightning Actions - CreateUser.cmp does not save

Hi.  I am doing the tralhead https://trailhead.salesforce.com/modules/lex_javascript_button_migration/units/javascript_buttons_to_lightning_actions

I have attempted to do this tralhead for about 3 weeks now -- sent in some feedback, but no change seems apparent in the tralhead.

1.  I created a brand new "My Trailhead Playground 2"
2.  Open the Developer console.
3.  Create a Lightning Component called CreateUser.cmp
4.  Copy the text in for this code.
5.  Press Save
6.  Get Error.  Failed to save CreateUser.cmp: Invalid <aura:attribute> type: Test_User__c: Source

In order for this to save, I had to create an object Test_User (Test_User__c) with the following fields:
First or First__c
Last or Last__c
Nickname or Nickname__c
Email or Email__c
Password or Password__c

I also had to change several lines of code to reflect the Field name xxx__c rather than what was listed in the tralhead.
value="{!v.user.First}"  to value="{!v.user.First__c}"  etc.

I haven't finished with the tralhead examples...but I hope this will work.

Would someone please update the tralhead or fix it?


Daniel J. MorganDaniel J. Morgan
Thanks for posting this! Greatly helped me finish this badge.
madhav sharma 1madhav sharma 1
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Nathanial SchultzNathanial Schultz
Thanks for sharing this much knowledge. This post taught us in a very good manner. I am really happy to read this.

Robert WhitmanRobert Whitman
Still not corrected.  I'm thinking someother trail would have created the sobject Test_User__c.