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Create Sales Analytics Using the Wizard: Clean Up: Delete Other Apps

Good morning,

When I click on My First Analytics App, then click delete,

I get message "App can't be deleted, to delete this app, you must remove the references to datasets from the app and then re-upload the following dataflow(s):
Default Salesforce Dataflow"

What I've read and done, make a blank JSON file with "{}"
So I've went to Data Manager, opened My First Analytics App, edited it, deleted everything in it and uploaded a JSON file {}, I made from this https://jsoneditoronline.org/ 
verified everything was deleted. Exited out (saves automatically)
blank JSON
Still does not delete from Analytics Studio, same error message. Therefore I tried to delete from Data Manager, I get message "Application Error
You can’t delete this dataflow because it is associated with the 02Kf4000000DBdaEAG app. Delete this app to remove the dataflow."

Now I have no idea what to do now, please help me delete "My First Analytics App"