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Marcos MartinezMarcos Martinez 

Associate newly created record with case that gets created for it

I have a process builder that creates a case when a certain object record is created. I have a field on the case that I want to use to reference this newly created object record. How can I update this field so it references the record that the case was just created for using process builder?
Zhen Yueh LeanZhen Yueh Lean
Hi Marcos, I'm not sure if you can achieve this using process builder. But this can definitely be done by using flow. You can design the flow in a way that it will create a case, then perform an update back to the original record that triggers the action.
Selva Ramesh 4Selva Ramesh 4

Do you have a relationship between the case and for your custom object.

If you have then you can create a child case using a process builder and make Description filed as (This is case is created through process builder)

If not also you can create through refrence id and create the case.

Please let us know if you can able to understand?