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Vini ZanquiniVini Zanquini 

Lightning component action override in partner community

Hello all,

I tried overriding a standard "New" action on a custom object and it works fine for internal users. However, that makes the "New" button vanish completely in communities. Here's what my component implements:
implements="lightning:actionOverride, forceCommunity:availableForAllPageTypes"
The use case for this is prepopulating some fields on the child record using information retrieved from Apex.

So main question is: are Lightning Component Action Overrides supported in Partner Communities? If so, what could I be doing wrong?

Can you please show what type of error you are recieving while clicking on new?
Vini ZanquiniVini Zanquini
Hello, no error at all, the button simply disappears! Internally (outside of the Partner Community) the button appears and works fine.
Vini ZanquiniVini Zanquini
New button appearing internally
Here's the new button appearing for the internal user on the related list.

Navigation to record type selection
And here we navigate to a component when "New" is clicked. Like I said, works fine internally, breaks on community.
the user form which you are logging into partner community is having create access ? because u will not be able to see this button when u dont have create access.
Hi Vini 

Please let me know if your problem is solved or not ?
Vini ZanquiniVini Zanquini
No, unfortunately it is not :( it seems to be the standard "New" button cannot be overriden with a lightning component in Partner Communities. Solution has been to implement a Lightning Quick Action on parent record instead of overriding New button on the related list. This works, but bloats the user interface and makes it confusing for the users. 
Hi Vini 

You are correct I tried just and it is indeed not working, So I am not giving up :P if in future I get any solution I will let u know and I am hoping same from u :)

Saket Sharma 
Mary Keogh 5Mary Keogh 5
Has anyone found a better solution for the button override on communities?  Navigating to the parent to create the new record is cumbersome for our users, too many extra steps.
Marco Galvan 5Marco Galvan 5
Trying to figure out a workaround for the exact same issue and was grateful I found this thread becasue I thought I was going nuts.  My issue is that I am trying to solve for a New button on a custom object that does not have a parent record to kick off a Quick Action from.  I will report back if I stumble into any alternative solutions.  
please vote for the Idea to get this solved: https://success.salesforce.com/ideaView?id=0873A0000003X17QAE
is tehre any other way solution to resolve this?

Thanks in Advance.
Robin Bansal 17Robin Bansal 17
There is no option to override the standard buttons in community. So we need to create a new lightning component that will show a button and we can place it the desired location on the community page.
Refer: https://help.salesforce.com/articleView?id=community_builder_use_visualforce.htm&type=5