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How to make the IP address of my salesforce instance as static..any alternate procedure for that???

Hello Everyone,

While doing an integration with SAP there are firewall and local server  issues.To avoid this they were asking me the salesforce  static IP for my organization.

So how can i know the IP Address of my instance, its a developer org. Is it possible to find by salesforce logged in URL? i had gone through the below link ,
APAC, you need to whitelsit these IP ranges - - - - -

these are all  whitelsit these IP ranges, but  i need the static address to add in the local server .for the accessing the local server for callouts coming form the ip address as they added...
Please suggest me with your ideas, Thanks in advance.
Sorry to inform you that you will not get static IP address. Due to we are hosted at shared resources and its actual location will likely change over time.

you can make all whitelist ip address to your org. In order to do whitelist All IP adress to your org. Please check below link

let us know if it helps you and mark it best if it helps you
Bhanu Prakash
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sony sonusony sonu
hi bhanu prakash., any alternate porcedurce to make the ip address static..can i get your mail id to discuss more
Sorry to inform you that there is no alternative, because we using salesforce as SaaS platform.