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Sianita NataliaSianita Natalia 

Getting values from a formula field to a new custom number field

Hi, I'm trying to change a formula field to a number field. I know that it can't be done so I would have to create a new custom number field. This custom number field will need to have the same value as my formula field.  My question would be how do I get the values from my formula field to my new custom number field? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!
Hi Sianita,

The formula field will only get its value after the record gets committed to the database, so a trigger needs to written after insert, but before that, I would like to know the usage and the formula of this formula field so that I can help you better.
kamala swarnalathakamala swarnalatha

Create workflow or process builder to update the field using copy the number from the formula field.

This will help your requirement.If you have any doubt kindly ask me.

Kindly let me know will it works!

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