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Carlos LescanoCarlos Lescano 

This object containing this lookup has a summary field in another object. Remove the summary usage and try again.... The object does not have this summary reference anymore

Im receiving this error when trying to delete a Master-Relatioship that I don't need anymore. I already deleted all records and references to this filed in the object, but SF still trows the same error.  Any ideas?

Sampath SuranjiSampath Suranji
Hi Carlos,
Please double check inside the master(parent) object whether there is a Roll-Up Summary field exist there. If so, remove it.
Carlos LescanoCarlos Lescano
Hi Sampath,

Yes, i double checked. I removed  the field in the master object  then recreated it using a different type and still SF gives the same error. I deleted again, now I have two of the sam errors and no way to get rid of this 
I read that the page may need to be compiled again, bu t i have not setup a project for this. Any other ideas?
archanagithub devarchanagithub dev
I am facing the same issue. Though I am removing the roll up summary in my destructiveChangesPre.xml file & then deleting the custom field in destructiveChangesPost.xml file. This way ideally it is expected that it will delete rollup before deleting the actual custom field but its still throwing same error. Any way to resolve this issue?
Michell SilvaMichell Silva
Hi guys,
I had the same problem, and fixed it as follows, I switched to salesforce classic, I looked for the object that had deleted the field> I went to "Fields" and down there I clicked on "Deleted fields", I found the roll-up summary fields that had deleted it there and clicked on Erased, done that, the problem no longer occurred. https://help.salesforce.com/articleView?id=sf.fields_manage_deleted_fields_classic.htm&type=5
Saikrishna NangunooriSaikrishna Nangunoori
Hi guys,
If any one face below error..
("This object containing this lookup has a summary field in another object. Remove the summary usage and try again.").Then, Go to its related Object and fields and relationships then click "Deleted Fields " ,you found some deleted fileds you need to delete these fields permenantly then your Error will Cleared.Do Like if your Problem is Solved.
Thanks & Regards,
N Sai Krishna.
@Saikrishna Nangunoori
It worked for me, you saved my day!
Maria F 17Maria F 17
@Michell Silva, you are a genius. Thanks for sharing!