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Adam Onwan 8Adam Onwan 8 

Admin 201 Exam... Failed

Did not seem difficult at all, however got 18% and failed on it after a month of learning on trailhead getting up to 75 badges and 1 superbadge before taking the exam.
Things I noticed, before I took exam I watched https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lIZk8cKOFHk&t=6613s the person teaching is teaching in classic while a lot of trailhead is in lightning. He did help me visualize a  few questions on the test I would've had no clue on.
Things I would recommend studying is going to every profiles, user, permission sets, validation rule, object and flow and look at what you can and cannot do, and the default settings.
In object such and such pick 2 of 4 things you can do. In this thing what is true?

I'm thinking about retaking it in a week, its a good test, just wasnt ready for that. Thought it would be more scenarios rather than 'what are your options, what is default settings, what went wrong, what things could have not been done right'. It will get you if you are a second guesser or overthinker because you have a lot of options, a lot of questions I noticed you have to pick 2 out of 4 choices, meaning 2 times to second guess yourself in 1 question.

Definitely not easy, but felt like I was closer to passing score of 65% or around there, I felt like I had small chance to pass before hitting the submit answers. I had feeling I did have a feeling I wasn't going to pass before I started the exam but I took it anyways because I kept seeing the message "FAILURE IS AN OPTION". So I'm not too upset I failed, but disappointed. 

I'd say my reason for failure was that I was having too much fun in trailhead rather than specifically studying for subjects relating to ADMIN exam. I had over 35 minutes left after answering questions and went back to check answers too for 20 minutes, which I felt good with, but all in all, 18%.

My 2 cents. Good luck to anyone taking it, also look at the flashcards, I didn't look at them but now thinking I would've passed it if I did http://www.sfdc99.com/2014/10/02/guide-to-passing-all-salesforce-certifications/

Steven NsubugaSteven Nsubuga

Thanks for sharing your experience Adam. Out of curiosity, how much experience do you have with Salesforce? Is it something you work with on a day to day basis or are you just getting into it? 

About the exam failure, lots of us have failed at least 1 Salesforce exam. It's good that you have the grit to want to retake it as soon as possible. You are definitely wiser after the first try.

Adam Onwan 8Adam Onwan 8
Hi Steven,
I dont have any experience with Salesforce besides learning on Trailhead and watching a few videos on YouTube. I've been learning on Trailhead almost every day, but I was all over the place learning development and Marketing cloud, and so forth. I have 5 years admin experience in the Navy, I learned about Salesforce from seeing it all over the place and because a job I interviewed for was about becoming a Salesforce Admin (did not get job). My experience is really all over the place to be honest, I think Salesforce incorprates it all so I'm sold on learning it. Yes, next time I take exam I'll be pretty confident now that I know what the questions are like.
Nicholas AnnaNicholas Anna

Dont feel bad Adam,

I also scored around 20% on my Admin cert test. This is after 2 years of developing salesforce/apex apps full-time, completing the 60hrs of trailhead modules VetForce (a free cert voucher program for veterans) recommends as test prep, and taking the week long prep course. It is my general experience that their training does a lousy job of mapping onto the test.

genevieve mcculloch 8genevieve mcculloch 8

  I just took it yesterday and failed as well.  This was after going through Mike Wheeler's bootcamp and studying Focus on Force.  Also, I'm a BA who has been a system admin and was a programmer analyst, supporting SQL (Oracle and SQL Server) apps for 10 years. So these concepts are not new to me. 

  I think my final score was 50%.  Some modules, I got 100%.  Like others, I was pretty comfortable with the concepts.  There were a couple of questions that I was a little iffy on, but thought I was going down the right road. 

  Still, it's a bummer, Like everyone else, I'm, thinking, ok, if I want to take it again in three weeks, what do I use as tools that will work this time - Trailhead?  sfdc99?  I sunk a lot of money into Mike Wheeler's bootcamp, which was very good. I have a bunch of practice tests I bought from Udemy.  Right now, am gunshy on everything.  
   Is there anyone reading this that failed 201 the first time, and passed the second time?  If so, what tools did you use?  Thanks.  I'll give up on the whole thing if I don't pass it this time. 
balaji sri 6balaji sri 6
hi just took the exam yesterday and i failed. Like Adam said i just learned from Trailhead and practice mock test on certification-questions.com whch said 97% of question will come from this question after practicing all the test many time i felt very confident and thought the question will be on those line but was not and felt disappointed but want to take the exam again. Any help on how to proceed to crack the exam will be helpful thanks in advance
AjayKumar SaravananAjayKumar Saravanan
I have it exact screenprint dump for SFDC Administrator 201, App Builder and ServiceCloud Consultant Winter'20. It's contains accurate 65 questions with verified and Validated answers. You can definitely cleared at Single Shot (Many of them cleared today morning 26thDec19). If anyone looking for the same Winter'20, pls mail me at - ajaykumar.saravanan65@gmail.com
Sharon Sebastian 5Sharon Sebastian 5
Exactly what happened with me yesterday.So so dejected. Can anyone please guide me with a study plan for clearing the exam. I am planning to reappear in 3 weeks.
Thomas John 2Thomas John 2
You can contact me for any help and exact questions and answers for the latest Winter 20 certifications at salesforcecertguide2018[at]gmail.com
Ipnindera Sekhon SekhonIpnindera Sekhon Sekhon
I took the exam on Monday. Almost passed the exam. The workflow/automation area is where i lacked my knowledge. Hopefully I will pass the exam soon.  Here are the results of the exam .

Exam: Salesforce Certified Administrator (WI20)
Result: Fail
Date Completed: 06 April 2020

Section-Level Scoring:
Organization Set-Up: 50%
User Setup: 75%
Security and Access: 50%
Standard and Custom Objects: 62%
Sales and Marketing Applications: 62%
Service and Support Applications: 62%
Activity Management and Collaboration: 100%
Data Management: 66%
Analytics - Reports and Dashboards: 66%
Workflow/Process Automation: 40%
Desktop and Mobile Administration: 100%
AppExchange: 100%
Thomas John 2Thomas John 2
You can contact me for any help and exact questions and answers for the latest Spring 20 certifications at salesforcecertguide2018[at]gmail.com