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Kevin PARENT 7Kevin PARENT 7 

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I'm trying to find out if it was possible to put the contact roles in a custom object so that those who do not have the commercial license can view these contacts? In addition, how is it possible to see the number of opportunities related to the contact?


You can use standard contact role and related list to see opportunities
Kevin PARENT 7Kevin PARENT 7
Yes, but the person must have a license that allows him to have the commercial part.
Narender Singh(Nads)Narender Singh(Nads)
Hi kevin,
For your first question,
Yes you can, provided that the person has permission to view records of that custom object.
And to answer your second question, 
You can do it with a little bit of Apex coding and by performing SOQL on OpportunityContactRole Object.

Let me know if it helps.