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Controlling and Dependent on two Picklist (Multi-Select) fields

I have 2 Picklist (Multi-Select) fields Country__c and State__c. In Country__c field I have many country values and in State__c field I have many State names.Based on  Country__c field values I need to display respective states in State__c field dynamically. .If I select 5 countries in Country__c field it should display all states of respective countries in State__c field.
            AP                                Texas
INDIA   TN                           US Kansas
            KN                                 Florida

If I select INDIA and US in Country__c field it should display all 6 states in State__c. Please guide me in this. Thanks.
Narender Singh(Nads)Narender Singh(Nads)
In standard layout:
Standard and custom checkboxes and picklists with at least one and less than 300 values can be controlling fields. 
And Custom picklists and multi-select picklists can be dependent fields.

You can't have this functionality in the standard layout. But it is possible and for that you will have to create a VF page.

Let me know if it helps.