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Ramesh VaratharajRamesh Varatharaj 

Lightning not refreshing page layout when record type is updated through process builder + flow

We have opportunity record types based on products selected and the page layout changes by record types. On product update, i am using Process builder + flow to check the related products and update the matching record type. Classic used to update the record type and load the record page with record type matched layout. Lightning does not load automatically and users have to manually refresh the page to see the revised page layout. Is there a way to enfore full page refresh when the record type is updated through flow?
wocolo kafewocolo kafe
Emily PhillipsEmily Phillips
Hi Ramesh, did you find a solution for the refresh issue? 
Vaibhav Jain 46Vaibhav Jain 46
Have you been able to find any solution for this issue?