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Maria Alexandra AndricaMaria Alexandra Andrica 

Workflow for GDPR

Hello everyone,

For the GDPR we tried creating in our company a Workflow that triggers when a new contact is created and sends an email to the contact person informing him his data will be saved in our system. If the email is successfully sent a field from the Contact person should be updated.
But the Bounce management is not working when the email is sent from the Workflow so we don't know how to check if the email was successfully sent or bounced.
Can you please help with suggesting a different sollution? How can be this situation be handled differently? What sollution did you choose to implement in our side?
Sandeep Adhikari RSandeep Adhikari R

Create a new checkbox field and update it as True using workflow/process builder after the email is sent.Once the checkbox updates to true update the contact person using another workflow.(or) Write an Apex code

Maria Alexandra Andrica 6Maria Alexandra Andrica 6
But who can you check if the email was succefully sent?
Narender Singh(Nads)Narender Singh(Nads)
Hi Maria,
Refer to this post it definetely give you some better insight about how the mailing system works in Salesforce.

Let me know if it helps
Sandeep Adhikari RSandeep Adhikari R
Using Proces builder, we can set the series of events.if the email sent successfully, call the next action.