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Mark BrusoMark Bruso 

Live Agent - All Agents Busy

We have a project where we effectively need a third button for 'All Agents Busy'.  However, we only have 'Online Image' and 'Offline Image'.  I have reviewed the 'Chat Queuing Options' at https://help.salesforce.com/articleView?id=live_agent_chat_queuing_options.htm.  The client wants:
Per Agent Limit: 2
Overall Queue Limit: 10
NEVER show Offline button if any Agents are online. What they really want is a 'All Agents Busy' type button, but will settle for an auto greeting informing visitors the Queue is full and to try back later.
- It does not appear that the number of Chats waiting in a Queue are exposed via the API.  Is this true?
- I am NOT a developer, but what about this idea from the client's web developer?  Can we leave the queue unlimited, but manually check the queue level and anyone over our determined limit we pop a message to them via JavaScript pop-up?  Then cancel their session in the queue, requiring them to try the chat again?

How can we accomplish this?