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Laura BejjaniLaura Bejjani 

Setting Case Field Visibility Based On Product Type

I'm trying to show/hide a bunch of fields depending on the case's related product(s). For example - If a user is having an issue with their desktop app I want to show fields like IOS or Android. If the user is having an issue with their desktop I want to show desktop related fields. The user can be having an issue with both Mobile and Desktop, in that case, I would like to show both sets of fields. I want to do this for both internal salesforce users and community users. I'm new to Salesforce Development and have not done any Visual Force Development. I tried to create a junction table with master-detail relationship with a custom question object and product object but the product object didn't show up as an option. I was thinking I could create the relationship and use filtering on the related record component in the case page. What's the best way to accomplish setting field visibility based on the product(s) type. 
Naval Sharma4Naval Sharma4
I think you can setup Record Types on the case and you need to have a process/flow which will set the record type based on the product associated with the case. Now, you can assign a page layout for each record type.