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Yogesh BiyaniYogesh Biyani 

queryCount fails with Use query() for non-count queries

I am using a dynamic query but it fails with Use query() for non-count queries . What am I missing? 
for(Schema.ChildRelationship child : dsr.getChildRelationships()) {
String query=  'select count(id) FROM CONTACT WHERE ID NOT IN (SELECT '+
            	child.getField()+' FROM '+child.getChildSObject()+ ')'; 

        integer  t=Database.countquery(query);

Yogesh BiyaniYogesh Biyani
When I change the query to the following  Database.countquery fails with Too Many Query Rows 50001
String query=  'select count() FROM '+child.getChildSObject();

Will greatly appreciate if someone can help. 

Thanks in advance.


Abdul KhatriAbdul Khatri
What is your goal? You are just trying to throw the SOQL with all the LIMITS?

To me it seems like you are trying to get the Count of the Contact but Id you matching with getField. I am kind of the lost of what exactly you wanted.
Abdul KhatriAbdul Khatri
Hi please provide some details so that better solution be worked on.