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Marshall B KingMarshall B King 

Build a Custom Record Page for Lightning Experience - Missing Twitter Component

I'm working through this unit https://trailhead.salesforce.com/modules/lightning_app_builder/units/lightning_app_builder_recordpage?trailmix_creator_id=005500000060g68AAA&trailmix_id=lightning-trailblazer and I can't get past the challenge.  It says it can't find a Twitter component but it's definitely there.  I even logged into Twitter and linked it to the Account to see if that would resolve the issue.  I've seen some other posts about problems with this Challenge but no one specifically mentions the Twitter component.  Thanks!
Account Lightning Record Page in Design Mode
minas hajiminaminas hajimina
I have exactly the same issue,there appears to be a bug.

I continued and passed the final 2 challenges in the Lightning App Builder.
Megan Gammack 3Megan Gammack 3
I am also having the same issue.
Maximilian BehnMaximilian Behn
Same issue for me.
Marshall B KingMarshall B King
This is an issue with Summer '18.  I had an org that was not upgraded to Summer '18 and I was able to get past this question.
Andrei MilitaruAndrei Militaru
Hi guys,

I think you don't have the "Enable Twitter" box checked, under "Social Accounts and Contacts Settings".

Just guessing. Hope it helps.
Sang GurrapuSang Gurrapu
@Andrei Militaru; That's it! It helps!