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Mark GuildayMark Guilday 

Question related to order of operations

Hello Everyone,

I have an issue with competing processes. We are using email to case and we hope to get attachments on the first response after the case is created and the auto email goes out. We have a trigger that runs to see if there was an attachment and then a checkbox gets updated to "true" if there was one or more attachments.

The issue I'm having is I wanted to write a flow that looks at that checkbox and the count of messages sent and at the second message if there isn't an attachment, send the user a note asking to respond with the required screenshot. What is happening is the attachment flag is set after my workflow rule fires, so it doesn't think there is an attachment when there actually is. 

Our volume is way too high to use time based workflows. We would hit that limit every hour as we get 10k cases a day (we do a million transactions per day so it's actually a relatively small amount of tickets). You can see why we would need to use automation for something like this with that volume.

Anyways, do you guys know of any clicks not code solutions? And if code is the only way, do you think a begginner could write something like that or would it be a bit too advanced for someone with little coding experience. If you can think of a clicks solution, however much of a workaround it may be I'm all ears.