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Esha Sharma 4Esha Sharma 4 

Partner SObject missing get_any implementation. I see this was coming from SForceObject class which is missing from partner wsdl jar. Any workaround for this?

Raj VakatiRaj Vakati
partner wsdl is contained Sobject .. what is the exact error message? and can you share the error logs 
Esha Sharma 4Esha Sharma 4
Yes Raj, partner wsdl contains SObject class which extends XMLObject.  If i try to call get_any(), it has unresolvable reference for this function. In the code search I see this is part of SForceObject class  which is not included in partner or force-wsc-uber.jar.
Esha Sharma 4Esha Sharma 4
The method get_any() is undefined for the type SObject. This is what we says when I try to invoke it.
Raj VakatiRaj Vakati
Can you give me the code  ??  You can refer the below code also once 

Esha Sharma 4Esha Sharma 4
Yes Raj, I am also trying to do the same thing. Not sure how to show unresolved reference here..In Eclipse it cannot find any definition for get_any() function

qr = partner_connection.query("SELECT ID,OWNERID from Case WHERE caseNumber= '" + caseNumber + "'");
            if (qr.getSize() > 0) {
                c = qr.getRecords()[0];
                r = c.get_any();
                caseid = r[0].getValue();

Does the partner wsdl has SforceObject. I see has only SObject which doesn't have this function and nether does XMLObject