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credit card number validation


I have a requirement which i need help

1) i have a email-to-case where once a case gets created in salesforce i need to verify if there is any credit number present and if so i need to make a custom checkbox on case to true based on it i need to show a pop up message on lightning action saying that this case is having credit card number

i tried using workflow regex function but if i enter any number like 012 its making the checkbox to true automatically, please let me know how can i achieve it in salesforce

Thanks in advance
Raj VakatiRaj Vakati
You have an exact solution here 

Raj VakatiRaj Vakati
sfdc dev 2264sfdc dev 2264
I have written the workflow field update like below

(Credit_card_number_validation__c) = FALSE, 
(NOT(REGEX( Description , "^((4\\d{3})|(5[1-5]\\d{2})|(6011))-?\\d{4}-?\\d{4}-?\\d{4}|3[4,7]\\d{13}$" )) 


but it its working for all even if i have number like 012  in my case description which is not a valid  credit card number how will i make sure that the checkbox field is checked only for a valid credit card number and not for any random number like phone number or date

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