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Joined Reports not in dropdown.

Hello all. I'm new to SFDC and the Trailhead community. I am workign on the Reports & Dashboards for Salesforce Classic course. Im at the module for Format Reports/Joined Reports. I understand where they asking me to look when they are asking me to change the format, but I don't have an option for Joined reports. I only see Tabular, Summary, and Matrix. I can't finish the exercise without this. Is there a setting I need to adjust?
Raj VakatiRaj Vakati
Some reports do not support the Joined Report option.
 Here are some things you can’t do with joined reports.
  • Add bucketed fields.
  • Add cross filters.
  • Drag and drop filters from the Fields pane on to the Filter pane.
  • Apply conditional highlighting.
  • Change the hierarchy for opportunity or activity reports.
  • Create reporting snapshots based on joined reports.
  • Scheduling or subscribing to joined reports in Salesforce Classic.

Can you refer this link 


Thank you. I understand that the report won't support all functions. But I'm trying to follow the module step by step (not being applied to a current report), but I can't practice it because when I create a new report the option isn't there. I'm running into similar challenges in other modules (the instructions say to click x but it's not available, or to add role names that are not in the drop downs). In the Playground, I created a new report and selected Opportunities as the report type. No filters, or anything else applied. I don't have the Joined option to choose.
Just an update: This only applies in the Playground with the Developer version. When I try the same steps in production, Joined reports are there.
Raj VakatiRaj Vakati
  • Log a case with Salesforce team .. Generally, it will be available in Playground  Org and developer org
  • Or Create a new Playground org and continue ...