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Getting SAP BO report from Salesforce

We are hiting salesforce link to display the SAP BusinessObject . We migrated the SAP BO 4.1 from Windows to Linux 4.2. It was worked fine when we run on Windows. But, It is not working now. Database connection Everthing is fine. As per the suggestions, We have to do modification in URL.

1)) Here, is the Old URL when we run on windows which is given by team:


Suggested to replace '|' in the above url with '%7c' as below:
Suggested URL is as : 

https://eservices.verallia.com/AdminTools/openDocumentAnonym_Extranet.jsp?sDocName=ExtranetBIView3_11_3&XTYP_CL=US&XVAL_CL=110171%7C 117608&XH_LEVEL=H1&noDetailsPanel=true&XLANGUAGE=fr&LANGUAGE=fr

When we hit the suggested URL manually, expected o/p is coming in new window without iframe. But, It should include in iframe. We already have page and methods to include it in iframe which worked on windows.

2)But, When we click on the  link we are getting below URL which doesn't have "|" .


Inspect Elements: 

User-added image

Can anyone give suggestions on this to disaply the report, It will be very glad. Thanks.