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Lorenzo PeregoLorenzo Perego 

lightning:select salesforce1 IOS bug

Hello everyone,

i think i found a bug but I hope to be wrong because I absolutely need this feature.

I have a lightnng:select and i'm  setting up the selected value dinamically.

I enclose the images of android vs ios.

IOS Before callback

IOS before callback
IOS After Callback
IOS after callback

Android before callback
Android before callback

Android after callback
Android after callback

My code:
<lightning:select disabled="{!!v.accountId}" label="Modalitá spedizione">
    <aura:iteration items="{!v.spedizione}" var="sped">
        <option value="{!sped.value}" text="{!sped.label}" 
 i change v.accountDetail.Modalit_spedizione__c dinamically like this after a Callback in my controller:
var response = response.getReturnValue();
component.set("v.accountDetail", response);
 in Android it works fine, on iphone doesn't work. 
The strange thing is that disabled="{!!v.accountId}" works ( i run this component.set("v.accountId", THEID); in an external event of my component) but the selected="{!sped.value==v.accountDetail.Modalit_spedizione__c}"> doesn't

Thanks to all!