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Frank van Meegen 42Frank van Meegen 42 

CA bundle import function

For my community I have setup a custom domain with a signed certificate (.crt)

The Certificate Authority also provided a CA-Bundle file that I should also upload to Salesforce to solve the following issue:

 Chain Issues:close The chain doesn't contain any intermediate certificates

How should I upload this bundle to Salesforce? I cannot find an option for this.
You have to create CA-Signed certifiate from Salesforce and upload the bundle.
Magulan Duraipandian
Frank van Meegen 42Frank van Meegen 42
Hi Magulan, thanx for your help. Unfortunately I was not able to solve the problem yet. The steps I have executed so far are:
  1. Create CA-signed certificate in Salesforce with details about my domain
  2. Downloaded certificate signing request
  3. Received the CA certificate signed by a CA sign authority and received 2 files:
    1. Signed certificate (.crt) file
    2. CA Bundle (.ca-bundle) file
  4. Imported the .crt file in the certificate from step 1 in Salesforce and created a custom domain
The problem is that I cannot import the .ca-bundle file in Salesforce and this is required to solve chain issues in the domain. Does Salesforce not support this and should I have my certification request signed by another CA authority? Or am I missing a step?