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Nick GarrisonNick Garrison 

Stage not automatically updating from process builder

I am having a problem with a stage that is not updating correctly, reps are telling me Stage is incorrect -- it’s supposed to be
automatically updated based on a custom “Timeline” field, but at least some of their
Opportunities have a Stage that doesn’t align with the Timeline. This is an 
automation is written in Process Builder, there is a criteria node about midway down
in the relevant process labeled “Timeline Is Updated.” You see a Field Update action
next to that node labeled “Update Stage.” The timeline field is a
formula field that references a custom object related to Opportunity by lookup.

What are the potential problems I can search for?
kamala swarnalathakamala swarnalatha

May I know that the formula field used  is correctly populated.

If not means process builder while not worked correctly.

Please let us know if you have any doubts?

Sweet Potato Tec.