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Rebecca Hendricks 3Rebecca Hendricks 3 

s-docs template determined by Runtime Prompt

I am trying to generate some S-Doc templates for a department to use.  We want to generate letters that hold the Name, Date, and Amounts associated with transactions.  Several of our letters are similar in nature, with just a few elements being different.

I understand that I can use the Insert RENDER button to set up some conditional testing to have certain parts of the template display if the criteria are met.  However, I have 6 letters that are very similar (only differing by a paragraph at most).  I am concerned that by using the RENDER feature, it will cause the formatting of the letter to be completely messed up.

I know we can ask the user for information as part of a Runtime Prompt.  I can then use the runtime prompts on the template as part of the information. However, I'm wondering if I can use the runtime prompt to determine what template to actually use.

For example, if I select a Denial case type, and that the User Knew the Person making the transaction, I would open template A.  But if I select a Denial case type, and that the PIN on the card was used, then template B would open.  Is this possible within S-Docs?  Or do I need to create a custom component/VF page?