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chandrashekar Jangitichandrashekar Jangiti 

Need to display User's records in Junction Object based on Selected Alert country field..

Hi  Folks,

I need one trigger it is urget,
I have 3 objects like Alerts,Subscriptions,AlertSubscriptions...Subscriptions obj have Lookup User,Country picklist fields and Alerts objetct have picklist Country__c ,Name text field,

so here whenever in Alerts object selected Country field as "India" need to display India subscription user records in Junction object AlertSubscription..

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chandrashekar Jangitichandrashekar Jangiti
Myself I did and executed it currectly and also did check with Bulkification with Data Loader..working fine
for help to Others am posting code here...

trigger resultsdip on Alerts__c (after insert) {
   List<string>seltcountry = new list<string>();
    For(Alerts__c a: trigger.new){
        if(a.Country__c !=null){
    list<Subscriptions__c>sublst =[select id, name, Country__c, First_Name__c, Last_Name__c, User__c from Subscriptions__c
                                  where Country__c=:seltcountry ];
  List<AlertSubscriptions__c> listaltsub = new List<AlertSubscriptions__c>();
    for(Alerts__c a: trigger.new){
        //integer i=1;
        for(Subscriptions__c s:sublst ){            
            if(a.Country__c== s.Country__c){                
                AlertSubscriptions__c altsub = new AlertSubscriptions__c();
                altsub.Alertss__c= a.Id;
                altsub.Subscript__c = s.Id;
                altsub.User__c= s.User__c;
               // i++;
        insert listaltsub;