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Bill Hare 38Bill Hare 38 

Bad Message 431 error

I have a user - only one - getting Bad Message 431 error - request header fields too large

She gets this when pulling up a vf page in our Service Console - weird thing is she's the only one - other users on the same profile - do not have this issue; I tried it both as myself (no issue) and logged in as the user (got the issue)

also did the following - checked vf page access to see if something jumped out - nothing

checked apex class access to see if something jumped out - nothing

assigned apps are ok

any thoughts are greatly appreciated?
Raj VakatiRaj Vakati
Is that VF page is having any webservice Calls or any URL params ? Please check this .. 
Refer this thread 
Bill Hare 38Bill Hare 38
I don't think so - here is the URL to access the page - https://na35.salesforce.com/console?tsid=02u410000010xhg