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Sam Mohyee 12Sam Mohyee 12 

How do we report a bug/issue to Salesforce if they don't let us log Developer cases with SF support?

I've posted on SF StackExchange and this forum about a bug in SFDX's metadata retrieval process (link here). Sure, there's always a chance I'm mistaken, and it's user error or something. But if it is indeed a bug, what's the appropriate process to make Salesforce aware?

To date, the answer has been, 'log a case and hope they escalate it appropriately'. What's infuriating about Salesforce support is that I can't categorize my issue properly under Development, because that topic requires some higher, paid support tier. Presumably because they think I need help learning how to develop or something. No, Salesforce, I just want to make you aware of a replicable bug with your new tool!

Short of logging a case under an irrelevant topic header and trying to escalate it to the right people, is there a more straightforward way to communicate possible bugs/issues with Salesforce?

Raj VakatiRaj Vakati
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